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Our Oils


Ogliarola is a typical cultivar of the Basento hills whose fruits ripen quickly giving rise to

a delicate oil with a light fruity flavor.

A marked softness is perceived on the palate, the bitter and spicy sensations are light and harmoniously balanced with each other.

This organic oil is suitable for those looking for a delicate and not too strong dressing.

It is suitable for use in the kitchen to cook all types of food, raw on salads or caprese, fish or vegetables. it is produced with Ogliarola, Leccino and Carolea cultivars.



Produced from the olives of the Frantoio and Leccino cultivars, it is a high quality oil. The extra virgin Il Frantoio in fact has very low levels of acidity, a very intense aroma of fresh grass, a rich flavor that stimulates and enhances the perception of the taste of the dishes on which it is used.

Medium fruity with herbaceous hints that recall the artichoke and the green tomato has a balanced and delicate taste, slightly bitter with a pleasant hint of almond.

Suitable raw to flavor legume soups, bruschetta. Produced with cultivation of Frantoiana and Ogliarola.



The oil produced with Coratina cultivar with an intense and fruity flavor with notes of grass or leaves; it has a yellow-green color, with a slightly bitter and amiable taste  spicy, due to the high level of polyphenols.

The coratina olive has a slow ripening and is mostly processed when it is green; in this way it preserves and always offers a fresh and fruity scent, similar to that of freshly cut grass that satisfies the most expert and refined palates. The fruity character of this oil allows it to be used raw to enhance the flavor of dishes such as legumes, salads and fish and roasts.  Excellent raw!

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