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The company
Our history

Until the early 2000s, the Frantoio was located inside a 17th century convent (where time has still stopped and everything has remained the same as it was then).
Subsequently, feeling the need to keep up with technology, in a rapidly growing sector, a new, more modern and functional oil mill was built in the surrounding land.

Based on the possibilities offered by this new structure, the company has over the years transformed the land adjacent to the oil mill into 18 hectares of rational and productive olive groves, to cultivate them according to the organic farming method, in which we strongly believe by investing.
  research, study, time and resources every year.
The climate and the characteristics of our territory make these olive groves unique in their kind, capable of producing product varieties not obtainable elsewhere.

Over the years, many people from the small town of Calciano MT have worked in our oil mill and harvesting our olives. We are still proud to hear the stories and anecdotes of our workers and historical customers, the true soul of the company, who have accompanied us for generations in handing down our product and the values we believe in.

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The owner

Roberto Passerini was born in Rome in 1972 of Roman parents. It is from his mother, lawyer, that he inherited the blood  of Lucanian land. Agronomist by profession, he has always worked in this company following and nurturing his passion for oil and olives as a cultivation. Graduated with a thesis in quality olive growing, he lives in Perugia where together with his family he manages the olive groves and vineyards that he owns near Lake Trasimeno, moving to the Frantoio in the months of harvesting to manage it directly.

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